Every week El Heffe & and his co-host Sheik Al-Random bring you an hour long episode of The Jobber’s Corner - the pro wrestling podcast that most people won’t hear, probably offend a shitload of fans, and down right fucking awesome. The show is dedicated to the jobbers of wrestling that always paid their dues...but honestly weren’t good enough to really make it, and made us all laugh. The haircuts, the shitty ring gear, the non-existing enterance music, and of course, their never ending desire to get the shitcan kicked out of them for little to no pay. We love you jobbing fucks.

No filters or censorship, the duo also recap Monday Night Raw, PPVs, and everything in between. Listen to them talk about their favorite moments of the week, botch of the week, and of course jobber match of the week. Oh yeah, there will be a lot of special guest interviews as well. You never know who might want to come and hang out at The Jobber's Corner.

There’s certainly a couple of things certain about
El Heffe...he loves his weed, he hates Byron Saxton, and cares a lot about wrestler’s outfits.

With over 20 years of being a wrestling mark,
El Heffe has soaked up more useless wrestling
knowledge than most wrestling fans, and he’s not affraid of telling you why.


The sensable one between the two, Sheik Al-Random hails from the middle east, where he watched wrestling on a 12” black and white TV with no volume.

He loves a good stiff match and a good stiff drink, the old school way. Every week the Sheik will be recapping Monday Night Rawand PPV’s, telling you why it was a classic or fucking shit.